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  1. Hey folks!

    I'm a new Registered Nurse and I am currently working on my job hunt. I'm hitting a lot of road blocks where they want X amount of years in experience. (Should I apply anyways?) I've been in the medical field since 2006 and I have worked in an array of specialties ranging from Infertility, Telephone Triage, Inpatient Psych, and Primary Care.

    I was a Certified Medical Assistant before becoming an RN. I worked for the VA for about 4 years before I had to sadly leave to finish the last year of my nursing program. I'm trying hard to get back to the VA. Veterans are a population I feel passionate about working with. I am marked as a direct hire within our local VA but I fear they are also going to want my to have X amount of years in before hire. So while I am waiting to see how that unfolds (The VA can be known to be a long process), I am searching for something else.

    As I do my searches, aside from the experience requirements snagging me, I catch myself trying to figure out what would be best for my nursing career and my own happiness. Becoming an RN opens up so many doors and now I just need to explore.

    Advice is always welcome, and I love to chat. I look forward to encountering all you awesome nurses and future nurses!

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    Also, I should mention...
    I am licensed in MA and I am close to the cuff of Southern VT and NH. If I do a job search within a 25mile Radius, I am hitting in to the other states. MA and VT are not Compact States, sadly. There are jobs that I am also interested in popping up in VT. I am wondering if I should still apply to them and let them know I will become licensed in the state if chosen. Or should I get licensed in VT and then apply? I haven't looked into the VT or NH licensing process too much. However I believe I heard it could take up to several weeks before getting a license in another state. Anyone else ever have an issue like this? What was your experience like?