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  1. [font=Georgia][font=Georgia]Hello everyone! I am a new RN!.....well, kinda. I graduated from nursing school in May 2003, but didn't pass the NCLEX-RN until Oct. 2004. I just finished my nursing orientation at the hospital where I have been working as a NA for the past 8 months and I begin on the floor with a preceptor tomorrow morning. I'm very nervous and scared, but excited too!
    [font=Georgia]After graduation, I just knew I wanted to work in LD or ER. But I am in a position far from that....I work on a Neurology/Renal floor. Our official title, which changed a couple of years ago but no one has bothered to change it in the computer, is Neuro Step Down. I hope that I catch on quick learning PD since that's one of the main population of people on our floor. Others include HD, any Neuro problem, and whatever else they want to send up to us.....even at the change of shift.
    [font=Georgia]Drop me a line to just say HI and let me know where or what department you work in! I like to learn about different hospitals and things they have/do!
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!
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    [font=Georgia] Hello! Welcome to the site! How did your first day go? How much orientation do you get on HD and PD? My training in HD lasted 8 weeks--pretty close to that for PD too. Those are truly fascinating areas to work in. I haven't worked in a hospital setting in those areas--just in the chronic setting--clinics where HD pts. come 3-4 days/wk but really enjoyed it--did that about 5 yrs. Very challenging--which explains the need for extensive training/orientation. I left the specialty as many clinics are not using LPNs anymore and I had quite a long commute. I'm now working in group homes with MR/DD pts(3-5 pts and 2-4 staff--great ratios) and thoroughly enjoy it. It's truly relaxing work, but I do miss dialysis. I think you will enjoy dialysis once you get the hang of it. I wish you all the best!
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    welcome to allnurses, hope you enjoy your time here.
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    [font=franklin gothic medium]hello and welcome to the all nurses family!
    glad you found the site!

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