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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am a new RN just trying to cope with the transition from student to real world nursing responsiblities. I thought nursing school was rough! Sometimes I feel like I learned nothing at all in school but yet I am expected to know everything about every situation, not to mention be able to do 50 things at once, all perfectly! I feel like an idiot sometimes at work and I am really not enjoying my job.
    Any advice from RNs who have successfully made the transition?
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  3. by   maryloufu
    Well i do not feel that I have transitioned completely- Yesterday was my 6 month anniversary of the blessed day that the BON website posted me with my license. It takes time- and time management- I have started to have moments of joy- but I can identify with you. Just keep plugging- and find yourself a seasoned nurse that will be a good sounding board. I can really see why there are so many priority questions on the NCLEX- because you are faced with ten different things that need to be done 10 minutes ago and you have to be able to sort out which ones are the most important.
    Good luck- you made it through school- youcandoit!
  4. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck in all that you do.