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    I am a new nurse :wink2: and I am really looking forward to getting some good information from those more experienced than myself. I have a question- I took a job in a Medical Surgery Dept of a hospital because my clinical instructors felt that new nurses should get the basics down before going into a field that they want. Although I was initally happy with the hospital I picked lately our hospital has gotten more and more nursing home patients. I live in area that is fast becoming a retirement mecca but can't leave at this time. Since I am also a single parent I need to work and worry that if I do get into my chosen area -Pediatrics -that I will get flexed off and not be able to make my financial obligations. I'm worried that I am not getting all the skills that I need since lately alot of the RN's are spending alot of time on patient care for patients that are total care. Any advice would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck! I hope you find the forums helpful.
  4. by   GregCP, RN
    Why do you feel that if you get into your chosen field of pediatrics, you wouldnt be meeting your financial obligations? If you work in a Pediatric Ward, Med surg, in a hospital..the pay should be just as competetive as anything else out there.

    Your instructor is right in terms of working med surg to establish a foundation. If your interested into getting into pediatrics...go into a Med Surg Pediatric floor..because lets say you perfect your skills on a Adult Med Surg....if you transfer to a pediatric floor, its like a whole new world. If your floor is currently turning into a LTC facility, you're better off working in a Peds clinic or Family practice clinic. However, there has got to be a Hospital that has a Pediatric Med Surg floor in your area. Congratulations on being a Nurse! Best of luck to you.
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  5. by   VA19
    Because my area is basically a retirement mecca some of the nurses that work in Pediatrics at another hospital which is the only real Pediatric hospital in my area say that they get flexed off if the census is low. They also say that the cost of insurance is quite high. I work in a hospital with almost all men and because of the type of hospital that it is we always have family dropping loved ones off thinking that we can get there loved one into a nursing home (which is also a part of our facility) for no cost. Unfortunately, most of the time we can not and this puts an added burden on the nursing staff making our ward at times more like a nursing home versus a medical surgical floor. I like the staff at the hospital I work at now so I also worry about that. I also am older than you so I am really interested in a good retirement plan which I do currently have but that would not be my main reason for staying. Thanks for your post. :typing