New Prospective Student/wanted Info

  1. Hello,
    My Name Is Jenn From Oregon, Currently In Abq. I Am Interested In Becoming An R.n. I Have Thought About It For Quite A While Now And Have Decided To Get Serious. I Visited Tvi And Found Out That The Waiting List Is 2 Years To Even Get Into The Clinicals. I Also Got Info From Unm, They Don't Have A Waiting List, But Highly Competetive. Does Anyone Have Any Info They Can Share To Help Me get On The Right Track?
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  3. by   suzanne4
    You have to find a program that works out best for you...............the schedule fo the classes, where clinicals will be held, do you have to travel far to clincal facilities, or are they located near your home or the school, hours of the classes.

    There are already many, many threads on this forum. If you go to the section called student nurse, I am sure that you will find the rest of the answers that you need.

    Good luck with your schooling and welcome..............
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Welcome to All Nurses and congratulations on making a career choice! I'm with Suzanne...check out the studen nurse sections!