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  1. Hi! I graduated from PN school in December and am scheduled to take Boards on the 23rd. I have 4 review books and have been working the cds that come with them, however, I cannot seem to get over 85%. Is that enough to pass Boards? I made As and Bs in school but, I am terrified. I have 3 children and have finally gotten finished with school after many years of starting and quiting for financial reasons, divorce, babies coming, and just life happening!! What if I don't pass? Freaking out in Mississippi!!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you in all that you do!!
  4. by   my3sonslpn06
    I was in your shoes just a few months ago. I passed!

    My only suggestion would be to just take questions, maybe 50-100 a day... and study why the answers are right as well as why the wrong choices are wrong. I didn't use pc. I used Saunders comprehensive review. It tells you why each answer is right and wrong. I was told to buy (by my school) to get the Pharmacology NCLEX review and study guide... but never opened it. I studied meds with Mosby's Pharmacology Memory Notecards.

    If you have a particularly troubled area, focus a bit on that.. but NOT entirely. There is sooo much content out there, what you study the most won't be the focus area of your NCLEX questions...

    But if you know how to answer the questions... Remembering your "ABC's" are most important...(airway, breathing and circulation) + Patient SAFETY & DIGNITY at all times, you'll be better in the end than if you had focused solely on meds or cardiac or maternity etc.

    Thats MY take on it anyways ;-) Best of Luck to you!!!
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  5. by   my3sonslpn06
    Oh I forgot to tell you... we were told by our NCLEX prep guest speaker to shoot for 85%. If you get that consistantly we were told we'd be fine. I can't wait to hear when you pass!!!! ;-))