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  1. Hello all
    Just a quick intro Im a 35yr old male nurse working in rural and remote queensland. I have been working on a tropical island for ten months. The island has a population of about 4000 indiginous people. alcohol and the violence associated with it are one of the biggest problems. Lots of suturing. Great experience, and a friendly community. Now in the dusty central part of Queensland fighting to stop the ants getting into the house and picking bindi's out of my socks before i go and work.
    Regards OzzyRN
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  3. by   gwenith
    Hi!! And welcome to the board - I wonder what our American colleagues are going to make of the phrase "picking bindi's out of my socks"
  4. by   Cherish
    Good morning Ozzy and Gwenith,

    Hmmm they can't mean what I think they mean. I do belly dancing and some people in class wear bindi's (third eye). But I doubt its that!
  5. by   OzzyRN
    Hello Gweneth and Cherish.
    Bindi's are certainly not a third eye they are however a right pain in the a#se. They are little mean round balls of prickles smaller than a pea and they love to stick into you socks shirts feet towls etc. Might i suggest that if you are ever in the situation of finding a bindi in your foot do not sit any where near grass to pull it out or you will find your britches full of prickles
  6. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses. No bindi's around here.