new NET test???

  1. Hi,

    I am taking the NET exam at TCU next month. I was scheduled for June 28 (next week), but my advisor wants me to take the new, updated version. When I asked the testing center what were the differences in the old and new test, I was told... "they are just updating it".... well, I could have guessed that... I am a little apprehensive about being the 1st to take it.
    What have you all heard about the "new" and improved test? It will be computerized and they said we could bring calculators (but this was the case with the old test at TCU).

    Thanks for any comments..

    oh yeah.. the introduction... I am Christine in Fort Worth TX. I have a biology major and chemistry minor from UNT in 1994. I have been working as a medical technologist for the last 10 years (and phlebotomist for 5 years before that to pay my way through college)... I am entering nursing for many reasons... but that is another day and another post.
    I will go to TCU in spring 05 (positive attitude -- I WILL get accepted)... hopefully go to TCU in 05 for the accelerated BSN.
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