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  1. Hello everyone,

    I was reading through the blogs last night and read a post that I couldn't resist posting on. I immediately joined and added my 2 cents. My additions may have been premature, since I should have introduced myself first but I just couldn't resist nursing one of the nurses who posted.

    So here I am. I have been a nurse since 1982 which makes me 28 years old....LOL. Do the math if you need the correct answer. I have been discouraged lately by a lot of the changes in health care. I have enjoyed my job for many years but lately the changes that are occuring scare me. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few years back and I struggle with keeping it all together at times. I used to be very flexible and had a lot of skill prioritizing in order to get my work done to the best of my ability. I need to be able to sleep at night. I used to see nurses support each other and pick up the slack when someone is having a bad day. I remember when management treated you as a valued member of the team. I went into nursing to help people.

    What is happening with the world we are living in? I see so many good people out there that are so tired, frustrated and empty. It seems like life is sucked out of people and they are just going through the motions. I feel like I'm on the fence so much more than ever. I always find pleasure with that patient who finally gets a good night sleep because I spent that extra time getting them comfortable, or the stroke patient who I brought in a package of dental floss on a pick so they can do it independently floss their teeth with one hand. But instead of allowing me to enjoy the good job I did, there is always someone who will say they answered 2 more call bells than I did. When I was a patient 2 years ago I had to start my own IV because there was no one to supervise my nurse on her first venipuncture.

    I work 2 jobs... one is a free standing rehab facility and the other is as part time clinical instructor. I see a lot of different views and try to be understanding of nurses at all levels. It's just harder and harder to always be the peacemaker and receive little in return. The only reason I'm not totally empty is that I get appreciation from patients, students, nurses aids and new employees who know that I UNDERSTAND.....I've been there and never forgot. But I do find that my well is not filled as quickly as it is emptied.

    Reading the posts on this site helped me feel a little less alone. I see peoples postings and think to myself "I'm not crazy. Other people are feeling the same". I'm glad to have come across this site. Other sites that I have seen appear to have little participation or the latest posts are dated 2008. Hopefully this site can provide an outlet to vent, discuss issues and maybe be the ear that helps someone else.

    Thank you to those keeping sites like this available.
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