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    My name is Marilyn & I have been an LPN for 35 years.I have seen many changes in my long career.Some good & of course some not so good.I have a question for any of you out there.I currently work in long term care.I work 3-11 4 evenings a week.We use a lot of agency in our facility which has been very costly.Some of us nurses would like to work 12hr.shifts & feel this would help with the shortage as we would have more days off & would be willing to pick up some extra time.I worked 12hr.shifts for four years at another facility & I loved it.Oh,I know it isn't easy especially for an old gal like myself but I loved the 4 days off.Do any of you know where I could get my hands on any articles supprting the 12hr shifts? We were asked to come up with something for our administration supporting the 12hr shifts.Any help you can give would greatly be appreciated.Thank you & you all have an awesome day.

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    I thank you for your reply but don't think that will help me much!