New member moving to FL, looking for new friends!

  1. Hello everyone,

    My name is Vicky and I currently live in London, England but I am soon to be moving to Florida with my daughter. I'm hoping to take on some form of a nursing role when I get there - depending on what is available and rules etc. I have worked in London hospitals for 20 years, the last 10 I have spent working in long-term illness wards.

    I'm hoping to meet people who have done similar work, or who live in Florida and might be able to help me out in anyway.

    Thanks in advance,

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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome Vicky. Nice to meet you.
  4. by   UM Review RN
    Hi Vicky! Welcome! Where in Florida do you plan to go?
  5. by   Victoria2306
    Hi all, I'm going to moving to Port Charlotte in-between Sarasota and Cape Coral. I really cannot wait!