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  1. Hello all.
    My name is Frank and I am a nurse working here in london UK. I hold the qualifications of Registered General Nurse and Registered Mental Nurse.
    At present I am working in a mental health unit in west London. I f there is any one from the USA wondering why I use the term mental health instead of psychiatry it is just because we have now replaced pschiatric units with mental health units, the same thing only more politically correct.
    I started my nursing career 28 years ago in general nursing, when I obtained my general registration I worked in the A&E Dpartmentfor about 2 years before training for my mental health registration and I have been in mental health for about 23 years.
    During my time in mmental health I have worked in a variety of situations including prison nursing, special hospitals, secure mental health units,drug and alcohol, homeless persons outreach servicesas well as acute and elderly care.
    A lot of my time off
    is spent on a golf course and I am more than willing to challenge any doctor, most decline when they find out what my handicap is.
    I also spend a bit of time fishing when I get the chance between golf and work.
    I enjoy travel and Ihave travelled most of Europe, a little of Africa and some of the USA. I am travelling to San Francisco on 24 April and would be more than happy to met up with any fellow nurses in the area, especially if a few beers get involved.
    Good Luck To All Of You
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    Sernior Nurse in an acute Psychiatric unit in west London.


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    Welcome! I hope this doesn't sound rude but...Are you single or are there any more of you at home? Seriously, it will be nice to talk with another psych. nurse. I work in a private outpt. gp. practice prescribing and doing therapy. Please be sure under specialties to check out the psychiatric nurse postings. First click on nsg. discussions then nsg. specialties then psych. nursing. Good luck!
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    You may wish to check out the International section for more information.
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