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  1. Hey there. I'm a 27 yr old ADN student, looking forward to graduating and entering the workforce. I have a toddler and a puppy, (hubby too and am so glad this forum is here!
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  3. by   angelbear
    Nice to meet you and welcome aboard.
  4. by   Brian
    Welcome kbella126! Glad to have you hear.
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  6. by   Noney
    Welcome abroad. It's a fun place to be.

  7. by   Tweety
    Sounds like you have a full plate. Take care of yourself. Good luck in school. Welcome!
  8. by   kbella1218
    Thanks to all of ya'll. It's so great to have a discussion board for nurses. It really seems to help so many people, and I look forward to helping others and ya'lls advice for me!
  9. by   rollingstone
    Welcome! Come on in, the water's fine!