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  1. Hi! everyone. I've been a nurse for 4 years. And i'm thinking about changing
    specialties. I'm interested in working in dialysis. Does anyone have any info. on this field?

    Also, on another note. I'm a private duty nurse. I've been working with male HHA's. And, recently the HHA i was working with came in to work under the influence of something --i thought he was drunk--the patient thought it was marijuana-- i reported it--wow-- i got no support from the other nurses-everyont was like oh, you should have spoken to him--which i tried but he was not capable of talking--he was very angry with me--so , i waited till the next day ==i work nights---they tested him and he was clean--so, now they are going to let him back to work-- i am upset over this because i don't feel comfortable working with someone i can't rely on and i am scared--truth be told-- the pt is a quadraplegic and on a vent-- we use a hoyer lift to put him to bed--so if anything happens --guess who is responsible- me!

    what should i do? i am thinking about giving my resignation.
    I would appreciate any ideas.
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  3. by   USA987
    First, welcome to the boards. It's a great resource.

    I don't envy the situation you were placed in by your HHA. I really don't have much input because I haven't been there myself. I'd be interested in reading others suggestions. You may want to post it on the general discussion board.

    Looking forward to getting to know you!!!
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    Welcome to allnurses!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello and welcome to allnurses!