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  1. Hello All! Im Sandy, just starting school this fall, taking pre-reqs for nursing, found this site by accident, decided to stay. I love to read all the advice you guys share. I know that it will all help in some way. I've been out of school for a loonnng time, (18 yrs) and I hope I'm up to the challenge. I have 3 sons, all teenagers, who are excited that MOM is going to back to school. I have a very supportive husband who already does more than his share, and says that he will do even more to help me do what I gotta do. If anyone has any tips, on studying, improving memory.... anything, I would love to hear from you. Any other students from Arkansas that want to share stories, I'd love to hear from you too!
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    right now, I am an asst. mgr of a convience store, just starting school.. Yeah!!


  3. by   J. B.
    Welcome to the forum. Good to have you here.
    Nursing School I have some fine memories of thet some 24 yrs ago
    I like your quote too.
    Terry Mason
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    Hi Sandy! WElcome to All Nurses and congrats on starting in the fall (I am as well and I am also taking some pre-req's right now). Come on over to the student forum and you'll have TONS of like-minded support!
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    Just wanted to say hi and welcome!