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  1. Hello to all,
    I stumbled onto this site as I was looking at nursing programs...I have been in the medical field for about 10 years.Just think I could of had a few degrees by now? I don't think I am cut out for anymore schooling..
    I worked for anestheia as a clerk for 5 years and I loved it.I really was a P.R. person for the hospital and in making sure the pt's had the correct testing and routing the pt's to the correct areas.I have learned so much and really can not get enough information about anything to do with the medical field.I am now a unit clerk for the med-surg floor and have been in this position for 3 years.

    I respect nurses for all the work they do.They are "my" nurses and I do all I can to help them.I am happy and content right where I am.

    I have had the pleasure of taking care of my parents for 4 years. My father had a major stroke 2 years ago and I "we" do everything for him....My husband and 2 young sons. My mother has been on Morphine and every other narcotic for over 5 years and some for 20 years. So,she is well and over medicated most the time.It is a blessing she has not broken a hip yet.It is coming to the point where I will take over her medication as she is not "here" like she has been.The mind is going faster than her body is at 70 years old.

    I did not mean this to turn into a auto-biography,
    As for getting more education,i don't have to go to school for that.I am living that!.Thanks Lucky
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    Welcome to allnurses Lucky
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    Welcome to allnurses Lucky. I wish you and your family all the best
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    Hi! Nice to meet you! Welcome!