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  1. Hello Everyone

    My name is Jennifer, I am new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself. I am a 1st semester nursing student with a small hobby farm and have 2 young boys. The studies are extremely hard and I just would like some input from others who have been in my shoes.

    Live and Learn:blushkiss
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  3. by   TinyNurse
    Hi Jennifer! Welcome to AllNurses! I hope you find that this is a wonderful place to read, learn, and post at. Wish you all the best in school!
  4. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    Good luck to you. Before you know it, time has passed you by and you will be an RN. It seems like a long road while your in nursing school, but once you completed and sat for your boards, you will realize notice how quickly time flies and it will feel like only yesterday. I remember those days a few years back and here I am working in Critical Care and I have applied to two Masters Programs in Nurse Anesthesia for Fall 2007. Good luck to you.
    You have to manage your time well and put your all into it. It will be hard with children, but you can do it, many have.
  5. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck to you!
  6. by   squee-gee
    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm a first semester nursing student too. So far, so good for me - but our clinicals start after next week - I'm nervous! Did you do all your pre-reqs ahead of time? I also have two children, and a part time job. It's a challenge, but I'm determined to become an RN. Good luck to you, and keep checking off those weeks as they go by - almost finished with the second, only thirteen more to go!
  7. by   firefli
    I started Nursing school this semester as well and I was so glad to learn everyone is just as nervous and scared about it as I am. Hopefully we will all get through this!
  8. by   suebird3
    Welcome to the site, folks! Nice to have you with us.

  9. by   keiserrnstudent
    Hi Jennifer! I'm a first semester too. I just finished 3 weeks of clinicals in acute care in a local rehabilitation center and are going into 4 weeks of LTC at the same facility. This past week has really been hectic. Physical assessment, comprehensive nursing care plan, data collection tool form, med cards.....*sigh* its tiring but i am really enjoying it....sounds weird huh? LoL Good Luck to you.....P.S. my friend who carpools with me is named Jenni and has two little boys too!
  10. by   suebird3
    Don't forget to drop by the General Nursing Student Discussion Forum at: . That is a popular Forum with students.

  11. by   NaomieRN
    I am also in my first semester of nursing. I have to read more than 7 chapters every week, but I am determine to become an RN. Good luck to you.