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  1. hello my name is mat price and i am from georgia, i start nursing school in the fall at brunau university where i am pursuing a bsn, and hopefully bs in microbiology soon after.(i have taken all science major level science courses for my degree requirements) so it just a matter of adding a few more micro courses to finish) i am 29 years old and have aspirations of medical school but i think my age is going to be a determining factor and i really enjoy microbiology so i may peruse that instead of an m.d.i am married and have a 17 year old step son. (math looks funny i know but i am sure you can figure it out ) i am one of silly over achiever types who pouts when i get a 95 instead of a 100 and actually enjoy college. i have so much i want to do and it is my intention to work a baylor shift so that i can continue my education what ever that may be whether it is medical school or gradate work in microbiology (hopefully slipping in an advanced nursing degree along with micro work) i know it seems like a lot but i work full time now and go to school full time and am able to keep a 3.97( [font='times new roman']gratuitous gpa plug... i used to be a real dummy almost failing out of college on my first attempt when i was right out of high school so i am proud of myself now) so i think i can swing..... well maybe i would like to start sleeping hehe i even took the dreaded split session a&p i and ii (meaning both classes in one semester) along with introduction to microbiology in the same semester j should not have done that i didn't sleep for 3months heheh. anywho i enjoy reading the board and have for a long time i just recently changed user names ect and decided i should start posting

    as you can tell i still don;t know what i want to do when i grow up cheers
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    Welcome to allnurses Mat
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    Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! to the family Mat. Wishing you the best of luck in whatever career you choose. Keep that stepson in line and just relax and enjoy life...