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  1. hi! i start the lpn program at a community college this monday! god willing, in 1 year, i will graduate! at 35 years old, i hope i've made a good decision...
    i would like some feedback on different areas of nursing/specialties, etc.
    my story is this, went through beauty school during high school, started that career at age 18, basically worked that industry (with a little off-time from burn-out) until a year ago. worked as a vet tech (loved it!!) but very hard to find an accredited affordable degree program.
    i lost a friend to angio sarcoma last june; another good friends 2 yr old died 3weeks later from cystic hygroma. for 2 years i was in and out of many hospitals for both of them. it was during that time that i decided i wanted to become a nurse. i took the entrance exam on a whim and got in!! general ed is done, so the meat/potatoes is what i'm facing for the next roughly 10 months.
    what interests me is oncology, er/trauma, maybe rehab. i know as an lpn i will be limited, but i would like to have a plan before i transition into rn. several people have said, "oh, u don't want oncology" or, "you'll only have nursing home oppurtunities as an lpn."
    anyone have any advice? and what is the pacu? i know icu, nicu and most others.
    catlover5 (because i had 5 cats, but know i have 6. i am a future crazy-cat lady!):spin:
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  3. by   yorkiedad5
    My name is bill and I work in the PACU of a hospital as an orderly . PACU stands for post anesteisia care unit. In other words the recovery room. In my unit there are no LPN's working there. They are all RN's. There are LPN's in the operating rooms though. I am also going to start LPN school in DEC. so I can get into surgery.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck to you.

    Our Oncology units uses LPNs, but they can not be Chemo. certified, that has to be an RN. Our ER does not use LPNs. There should be a wide variety of opportunities for you. Here it's hard for an LPN to get a new grad job however.

    Good luck. Let the cards fall where they may and just concentrate on school for now.
  5. by   suebird3
    welcome to! nice to meet you.

    being a former lpn, and now an rn myself.....consider this your first step in nursing. as an lpn you can get experience that will be beneficial later on.

    drop by the following forums when you can:
    er at:
    general nursing student discussion forum at:
    lpn/lvn forum at:
    and the indiana state forum at: . hope this is a good start, and i hope to see more of your posts.

  6. by   nursedawn67
    Hi I too was in my early thirties when I finished Practical nursing school. I found there was alot of opportunities for an LPN. of course I was aimed for geriatrics and as it turns out in this area that is also what pays the best, lucky for me huh? As a LPN in a nursing home I pretty much do what the RN's do, the only real exception is I cannot insert an IV. I am in charge my official title is "Nurse Supervisor". I pass meds, give injections, manage IV's (once inserted), I am in charge of the CNAs, I take orders from doctors, and I do wound treatments.

    Eventually (once my kids are all moved out) I will go back to school to master in Geriatrics. I will be in my forties when I accomplish this. You can do whatever you put your mind to...take care and good luck!
  7. by   trjohnson0213
    Hi I will be starting an LPN program on 8/21 at a local community college as well & I am 38 will have my LPN license in a year and hopefully do the RN bridge program as well so I wish u the best of luck U will do very well