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  1. i recently passed boards in sept. my first job is in home health. so far it's ok but i think im use to home health because i was a home health aide for 3 years before obtaining my LPN. My question is am i starting off on the wrong foot going straight into HH? I would love to work in a hospital for expericence but majority of the hospitals here don't hire LPNs and if they do the pay is worse than what i was making as an aide. Should i go to an LTC or specialty hospital? I really need some advice because some times i feel so lost when im out in the field and i don't have an RN or LPN working with me that i can go to for questions.
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    As long as you are capable of handling the situations that pertain to the home health case that you are on, you are ok. You might want to consider going to a LTC facility and getting a part time weekend only type of job to get the hang of doing med passes, calling doctors, charting changes of condition, etc. But you don't necessarily have to to go a hospital full time. In home health, you need to become a 'subject matter expert" on the case that you are working. Teach yourself. Learn about all the equipment and procedures. Look stuff up. Mentally practice during CPR and calling 911. Remember, that teaching is an integral part of home health. Try to incorporate as much teaching as possible into your charting. Teaching is the main stay of justifying reimbursement for the case. Good luck with your job and welcome to the site. And by the way, you do have someone to ask questions of. Your nursing supervisor back at the office, or if he/she is not readily available, then you can ask your Director of Clinical Services. Keeping you on the right track is part of their job.
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