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  1. Hi everyone. Joined the group 5/16/04 and looking forward to talking to other nurses.
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Gail and welcome. What kind of nursing do you do? I'm an ER RN Case Manager right now. We're a pretty friendly bunch so please feel free to join right in>)
  4. by   Nurse Gail
    Thanks ER Case Manager for making me feel welcome. I work in the "Cajun Country" of South Louisiana and have been a Med-Surg nurse for 30 yrs. The hospital where I work is only 250 beds, but adding new doctors and and new fields of medicine every day. We have new Heart Specialists from the group of Cardiovascular Institute of the South and things are really starting to boom. I work on the Post Op Surgery Floor. Do you manage a large ER department? I never worked ER before, and my hat off to the special nurse's that do.Nice chatting with you and hope to keep in touch. NURSE GAIL
  5. by   nurseunderwater
    Hey Nurse Gail!
    welcome to the BB....just went to a crawfish boil yesterday here in lovely, do I love cajun food!

    Look forward to seeing you around!
  6. by   Energizer Bunny
    WElcome to All Nurses, Gail!