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  1. Hello all,
    Just wanted to say hello to everyone out there!!! I am new to this whole thing. I do have a few concerns...I am currently in the Marine Corps, and a fairly new mom of two. Long story short, I am looking to start my Nursing career here in the near future. Problem is, I can only take classes at night and only have less than two years before I can be a civilian again. As far as I know, the only place that offers night courses in the Oceanside/San Diego area is Maric College...Wondering if anyone has any experience with them or heard of them? I know it is costly even just for the LVN program, but, given my time constraints (less than two years) and the fact I can only go at night, do you think this would be my best bet? Any advice is greatly appreciated. I look forward to future chats and new friends...Thanks for your time!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    Hello and Welcome! Sorry I can't help ya out. Try the CA forum.