new here need help

  1. hello all!! i am new here...actually registered yesterday...can someone let me know if the premium membership is really necessary?? i have read the "click here to read why" i was just wondering if it is really beneficial??
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome to Allnurses! It's you're choice whether to go Premium or not. Why don't you put off that decision for a while. Stick around, read the posts, participate and then make a decision on down the line.

    But it's not "necessary".

    I went Premium a couple of years ago as soon as they offered it because I wanted to help a site I've come to love. I love having access to the extra forums, like the Break Room and Current Events. I love the blogs and the photo galleries too. But mostly it's to help the owner, because he puts so much blood sweat and tears into this site.
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