New here, just wanting to say hello

  1. Hi, I'm Jennifer, an aspiring nurse. I've been in school for two years now completing general ed and pre-req courses. This August I will start my first actual nursing classes and clinicals. I will be getting my ADN to start, and then moving on to my BSN. I hope to go for my Masters eventually, but that's a long way off. I've been browsing some of the threads here and am amazed at what I have learned about the nursing profession in just an hour! I'm excited to be a new member here. I look forward to contributing when I have something to offer and of course, to learn learn learn.
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  3. by   jnette
    Welcome to ALLNURSES Jennifer, and wish you the very best in attaining your goals !

    Hope you find this site as educational, informative, and delightful as we do !
  4. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Jennifer and Welcome to All Nurses!
  5. by   scudmissile
    welcome to this cool site for all nurses.!!!!!
  6. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Thanks! I am addicted to this site! I found my new home, lol.
  7. by   RN2BinPA
    Hello Everyone. I have been reading this site for a few months now, and just now registered to it. I was just accepted after being "denied" into the nursing program due to "academic progress". I had nothing showing below a B, I was very discouraged and thought my life dream had been taken. Just a few weeks ago, I was accepted and WOW, how exciting it finally was! I am now eagerly awaiting the classes to start, very anxious and excited. I have mixed feelings and am somewhat scared after reading all of the postings. I have wanted to become an RN for quite some time now. I currently hold a medical assistant degree, but did nothing with that. Took the first job after recieving that degree and have been there ever since, fell into front office work. I recently separated so what better time then to earn what I've always wanted than now!!! Im excited and scared and LOVE THIS SITE! Thanks to everyone and good luck to us all!!!!!!