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  1. my grandmother has lewy body dementia and was transferred to the hospital earlier today because of significant changes in her condition. high blood pressure, fluid in and around the heart and lungs, blood in her stools, and seizure-like tremors. apparently she had not had any significant fluid or food intake at the nursing home she was at, and we can't clarify how long this was going on. her children are very involved and have seen her almost daily. our concern at this time is her pain management, and i would appreciate any input. she is obviously in pain and trying to verbalize something, but unfortunately she can't get the words out. they are currently giving her ativan for it . my limited understanding of this drug is that it is a sedative used for anxiety. i would think there must be other options to control her pain without putting her in an unconscious state and causing her to be unresponsive. any input or suggestions would be much appreciated. thank you, lori
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  3. by   Tweety
    I'm sorry you're going through this. I hope you find some answers. This would be best discussed with your medical team. It's not the mission of allnurses to offer medical advice. Take care.