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  1. Hi, everybody! I am glad to find this site! I'm an RN; got my BSN in December, 1982, and worked for about 10 years in burn units, SICU, MICU, and trauma (read: "Adrenaline Junkie!!!"). In 1989, a couple of friends of mine who were attorneys in Wichita, Kansas called me to see if I could help them out with a case where the evidence included a couple of thousand pages of medical records. This actually was a criminal defense case, rather than a civil lawsuit, and the victims had suffered some major injuries, along with some bad long-term sequellae. In the course of that case, I discovered that there is one heck of a market for people who can do good medical-legal analysis. What surprised me was the fact that of the services needed by the lawyers in the case (as well as lawyers I would work with later)., one of the most important was separating the relevant stuff from the junk. Of course, if you give a nurse a specific set of questions to answer based on available records, he or she can generally knows exactly what information is needed to give an answer, and can go right to the proper section of the chart to find the needed information.

    Anyway, after I did the medical-legal thing for a couple of years, and then went to law school; since I'm divorced, no kids, I didn't have to worry about supporting a family durng law school, even at my ripe old age (in 1992, when I started law school) of 31! I'm now working as a prosecutor / Assistant District Attorney in the District Attorney's office. I do primarily Special Victim prosecutions: rape, crimes where children are the victims, that sort of thing. Sometimes it is not easy to take, but it is worth it when you are pat of seeing to it that some creep is paying for their crime!

    I've been away from hands-on nursing for several years, and I want to do some PRN part-time work to keep from getting completely rusty. Since I moved here a couple of months ago from EXTREME southwestern Kansas (very rural, just a few miles from OK, TX, CO and NM), I've had a couple of offers, but they needed to hire someone who could give a bit more time than I can. Also, as most of you know, nearly all hospitals insist that new hires (even PRN pool people) spend some orientation time on days, and I can't exactly ask for two weeks off to train for another job! Oh, well, something will turn up, right? In the meantime, I am one of the really lucky folks, because I love what I do! :chuckle

    Well, this turned out to be a LOT longer than I had planned, but then a windy lawyer is not exactly rare! We all sometimes act as if we're getting paid by the word! There is one thing that I hope some of you would be willing to help me with: I am going to be doing a CNE presentation to some nurses about nurses, PTs, etc. incurring criminal liability in a health care setting . . . it's easier to have that happen than you might think, especially in long-term care. If some of you could let me know what topics and information you woud find helpful, that would be great. Of course, when the book comes out and I get the $1 million dollar advance, I'll cut you in!

    Cheers and have a great weekend!

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    Wow! You have quite an interesting history.....welcome to All Nurses! You might want to post your question/request in the general nursing discussion board with a good catchy title on it to get more replies than you will here.
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    Welcome to Allnurses!!!