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  1. Just wanted to introduce myself....I'm Erin, and a BSN student in the midwest, graduating in May of '06....have a vested interest on working on a neuro tele floor afterward. I find seizure pts absolutely amazing.....

    Hope everyone is having a good day; glad to find my way here!

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  3. by   nikegoddess
    Hi neuronursein06!

    Welcome to I'm new, too! I am in an accelerated (11-month) BSN program in Philly. I haven't rotated in Neuro. I'm currently on my 2nd quarter and I am having a hard time studying. I'm taking Adult 1, Women's Health, Psych, and Pharm 1. We have classes for 2 whole days and clinicals for 3 days per week. My worst enemy right now is Pharmacology :angryfire . I want to know if you can give me some advice. I never imagined my midterm grades to be this low . It's a humbling experience . I just wanna be a patient's advocate, too!

    Go Eagles!

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    Hey- I'm a big eagles fan too...though not from the PHilly area.....

    Haven't done a neuro rotation yet, but had a right amygdilohippocampectomy a few yrs back...the brain I think is fascinating. Plus, the personal experience of having been a brain surg pt....

    Doing OB now....can't stand it, am so bored. Also in ethics (teacher is a witch), healthy families in the community, and an EKG class....have clinicals 2 days a week...

    Back to ethics....blech.

    Go McNabb and TO!
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    also forgot to say, I contemplated doing an accelerated prgm (have a double major in Psych and Spanish), but personally decided I didn't want to rush it....glad I made that decision, as I'm pretty sure I'm going to officially start planning a wedding in the next month or 2, and am glad I'll have the summer off to plan. Also hoping to do an externship in neuro somewhere...already have one in Englewood, CO if I want it, but don't think I'm goign to end up going there....
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    good luck! i hope you become successful in your married life and in your chosen career as well.
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    Hi Erin, welcome to allnurses!!
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    Welcome to All Nurses