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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm new here and just wanted to take a minute to say HI and introduce myself. I'm Danelle, I'm 30, married , and the mom of a beautiful 2 year old little girl. I am currently working part time while attending nursing school at night. I am in the ADN program (hope to graduate August of next year) and I just had my first clinical experience last night at a nursing home. Needless to say, that was an experience! I am looking forward to getting to know, and learning a lot, from all of you. Hope to talk to y'all soon!
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  3. by   SURFnNURSE
    Welcome, nice to meet you.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck in school. I'm sure you are in for many "experiences".
  5. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to Allnurse from the other side of the world..............