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  1. hey, my name is Yadira and Im new in here.
    I am not a nurse or nurse student YET, but i am very interested in becoming a nurse later on. I'm still a high school sophomore, but I recently started becoming interested in the subject, so really I don't know about nursing at all. I live in Georgia, so I'm thinking about going to GPC and get a major in nursing. So I know you all know more than I do! PLEASE, whoever reads this tell me what's next after I get my 2 years of nursing at Perimeter College and what types of degrees are needed...
    this may sound like stupid questions...but I think there is no stupid question.
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  3. by   Tweety
    You are correct. There are no stupid questions.

    When you finish those two years of nursing school, you will qualify to take the nurse exam to become a Registered Nurse. As an RN you will enjoy a wide variety of positions in hospitals, home health, and elsewhere.

    If you choose, like me, you can then pursue a Bachelor's Degree in nursing. This will not change your RN status, but allow you to pursue other positions, such as positions in management, research, education, community health, etc.

    Please feel free to ask any questions here or in other forums. You're more likely to get your questions answered in the forums, as this is mainly for introductions. We have a forum called Pre-Nursing Student forum
    where you might find some help as well.