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  1. Hello everyone. My name is Patricia, and I am going to start LVN school in January. I just received my acceptance letter this week and am very excited. I just had a few questions for current students or LVN's. I work at the VA hospital here in San Antonio, Texas as a Phlebotomist. When I told my co-workers (which most of them are Nursing students, pre med, and other medical students) they weren't so excited for me, asking why not just do RN. Well for personal reasons such as paying bills, not having money for school and having to work, I can't put my life on hold while I just go to school for 2 years or more. SInce I have previous work as a CNA for 4 years, and as a Phlebotomist for a year and a half, I figured this would be my stepping stone into Nursing. Has other people experienced this negativity? I mean its Nursing wether it be CNA, LVN, RN.... We are all there for the patient care. I guess I shouldn't care what others might think of my choices, but it just bothered me and I wondered if I was alone?!?! I'm sure when school starts I will have plenty more questions. Any advice would be GREAT.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Hi, Patricia!

    I think that everyone wants to feel that their choice was the best. That includes the people who made the choice to go into RN programs. I am sure that when they made these comments to you they were thinking first of themselves and not of you. In many ways they are still probably wondering if they made the right decision themselves. Some people are just in a hurry to get where they are going. Bully for them. Just respond to them that this was the best choice for you and for your situation. And, let it go.

    The one thing that has become more fascinating to me as the years go on is the psychology of people and their reactions and behaviors. It is absolutely amazing sometimes. You have to understand that most of the time people are thinking of themself first and foremost. It is the rare person who truly puts others ahead of themself. That would put them in the category of someone like Sister Theresa, I think. I have a couple of cousins that are nuns, and believe me, they don't even come close to being anything like a Sister Theresa!

    Good luck in your classes! My mother was an LVN. She went to school when she was around 50 and worked as an LVN until she was 68. You have a lot of exciting experiences ahead of you. See you on the forums. Welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to Allnurses, Patricia. I worked in donor phlebotomy and apheresis prior to becoming a nurse. It's a great way to get some experience, and it will help you as an LVN.

    Daytonite is absolutely right - people's reactions are a fascinating thing. You're taking a step forward, so be proud!
  5. by   tricialynn78
    Thanks so much. I know right now, this is what I want to do. I can only hope that it will be as rewarding and challenging as I would like it to be and I look forward to that. Thanks again.
  6. by   Tweety
    You're going to hear quite often "why not go for the RN", "when are you going for the RN"....etc. It's a common question because RN's start out making $5.00 or more an hour, etc.

    It's your path, your life, be proud of that. Good luck. Just don't expect the questions to go away.