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  1. Hello, I'm a 38 yr OLD male and I'm looking into getting my LPN liscense,I currently work in Juvenile corrections which is an absolute horrible career ,working with 16-20 yr old gangbangers from Philly in a prison setting but without the prison rules I'm 6'2 260lbs and these punks are bigger and stronger than me---which is why I'm leaning towards LPN

    I was a combat medic in the army national guards a few yrs ago--terrible training and I never got any hands on experience at all-I meen we did have to give shots and IV's to test out but that was all we did as far as hands on

    I just got bad news from the local LPN school--I was suppose to register in Aug to start classes in Jan and it costs $12,000--I would be taking the 2 yr part time classes due to needing to work fulltime also

    I'm a DPW state employee and have 3 yrs seniority and LPN's in the state system are in my union bargaining unit so that meens if and when I get my LPN I would keep my seniority which could meen a nice position in the system and good days off

    see ya in the other parts of the forum

    thanks for any help in advance
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