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  1. Hey everyone my name is Chris and I'm 27 years old and looking into a potential career change to nursing, specifically Navy nursing. Long story short, I moved from my hometown to start my career that has hit a roadblock and did not work out. I'm going to most likely move back to my hometown which also has a good nursing school there so I figured this might be a good opportunity for myself. I've been an EMT-B since 2008, used to work in a hospital and was in the fire department as well.

    I'm A little nervous to start all over again but the end goal would be to land a commission in the Navy Nurse Corps. I spoke to an officer recruiter and he told me that, although I do not qualify for the Nurse Candidate Program, I can still apply after I receive my BSN, preferably after I get some experience first.

    The program I'm looking at is only for your associates and your RN qualification, but the same school has a RN to BSN program that I would do and would only take an extra year.

    Looking forward to all of this, I've already gotten some useful information from this website so I figured I'd hop right in and try to get as much more as I can.

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    Welcome to our little corner of the world!
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    Glad to be here. I'm sure I'll harvest a lot of good advise while I'm here.