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  1. Hello hello ~

    My name is Kyle and I am a recent new graduate and I just passed my NCLEX a week and a half ago! I have been lurking the allnurses boards for a while since I started nursing school a few years back and I've finally taken the dive into posting on the forums!

    I am looking into the specialty of Pediatric Nursing preferably in the Med-Surge, Cardiac, or Step-Down realms!

    Throughout my undergrad career, and even now, I was extremely involved in different cultural clubs, pre-nursing and nursing student mentorship programs, and nursing leadership organizations. I'm definitely a huge advocate for empowering our future nurses and the communities around us by providing opportunities to educate themselves on the world of nursing and healthcare around them.

    Fun Facts:
    • I am the current California Nursing Students' Association President (only few a few more weeks)
    • Outside of nursing I have a passion for musical theater and dance. I don't do theater anymore because of time restraints, but I do compete with a Japanese Pop (JPop) dance team and a traditional Japanese Yosakoi team!
    • Before nursing school I worked part time as a vocal/singing instructor!
    • Favorite Foods: Ramen, baked pastries, and Thai food!
    • Favorite Music Artists: The Beatles, One Ok Rock, joji, Nujabes, The Reign of Kindo, and Bruno Mars

    Really happy to finally be out and about and joining this wonderful community of nurses and future nurses. Pleased to meet all of you and I hope to contribute here for years to come
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Welcome to being an official member! Have you checked out the first year after nursing licensure forum? That would probably be a great forum to be participating in.