New grad in december needs advice

  1. Hi all
    Very new to this site, and I need some help, I will soon be a new RN well in december I will be anyway, I currently live in charleston SC, but my wife an I are looking at moving up to TN, around knoxville area ish. My future is in flight nursing, I have an military/Fire/EMS backgroung and I work now as an ER tech, been doing this for 4 yrs, I have many questions for you all out there, here are a few of them, What is Knoxville like, UT work in ICU as a new grad?, I love emergancy medicine, but ive been told flight programs like ICU, what do you suggest? Is UT as bad as some of the comments ive read? I have many more questions but I will let you chew over these first, Thankyou in advance for your time in reading this.
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    Hi Dougledavies and welcome to allnurses.

    You might get more responses to your questions if you post in the TN Nurses forum at the following link.

    Knoxville is a nice city...with the beautiful Smoky Mountains nearby. The surrounding areas are nice as well. If you move to TN and especially to Knoxville, I hope you like the color orange. Knoxville is the home of the TN Volunteers and the whole town turns orange in the fall. Of course, the Lady Vols won the National Championship this year.

    Enjoy the site!!!
  4. by   chuck1234
    I don't know how to answer your questions..
    But nice to see you posting questions in this site..
    And I hope someone will know the answer....
    Good luck to whatever you do in the future...
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    Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Welcome to All Nurses!