New Grad!

  1. :hatparty:
    Hi There!
    I just finished my nursing program (well, technically I don't graduate until the 7th of May, but I finished all of my requirements and passed everything!)
    I got my first nursing job in Telemetry and am excited about starting and of course nervous about boards. I was wondering if anyone had any report sheets/brains sheets they could share? I am trying to find one that really works for me.
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  3. by   Purple Hugs
    Can't help with the sheets, I'm just at the 'applying' stage, but just wanted to congratulate you on graduating! :hatparty: :roll
  4. by   SCRN1
    Sorry, I don't have any sheets either. I just wanted to tell you congratulations!!! I remember the feeling after I'd completed my very last exam and knew I was done. Enjoy this time between now & taking boards.