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  1. Hi My name is Janet from the Boston area. I have been a nurse for 2years a second career. My last position was in the MICU/SICU full time with day night rotation. I left since we were only allowed to work 12 hr shifts and they wanted at least 36/hrs a week commitment. I have a 12 yr old son who was getting upset that I wasn't around enough. I am now looking for possible per diem or part time. Nursing as much as I like it can be very demanding. I loved critical care, (though the only other position I had was on a very crazy med/surg floor my first year of nursing. The 7a-7p shift most of the time we would not leave until 9p and not get paid, some would be leaving after that even). but felt I must give it up for now till my son gets a little older and goes through the phase of mostly wanting to be with his friends and not seen with his mother ! thanks for listening
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    glad to see you onboard Welcome
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    Good luck. Welcome!
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    Welcome to the site hope you enjoy it
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    thanks for the welcome I am hoping to be able to get some valuable insight from those experienced nurses as well as the novices such as me I have been told how nurses can "eat their young" andhave seen it happen a few times. It s##ks being new thanks for the welcome
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    Hi Janet, welcome to allnurses!!
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    Welcome to All Nurses; we're glad you're here!