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  1. Hello, my name is Ama, I just joined this lovely site 12/31/06. More importantly I would like to meet nursing students and nurses who I believe i can get interesting information on how to achieve a career as nurse.
    I am currently attending Howard University BSN program in Washington D.C.
    Please feel free to reply! Have a happy new year..
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  3. by   nurseybertie
    Hi Ama

    I am newly registered as well, today in fact. I am going to go for my RN thru excelsior. Did you go to a conventional school for your RN? I could use any advise available as it is all new to me.
    Happy New year to you too!
  4. by   ama_naana
    Hello, I have not achieved my nursing degree yet. I transferred to a four-year university to obtain the BSN degree. I am currently a Junior.
  5. by   jnette
    to you BOTH !

    Always nice to have newcomers aboard. Wish the both of you much success in achieveing your goals and dreams. You're about to begin a long, arduous, but exciting journey !

    And yes... you can DO it !!!
  6. by   Tweety
    Welcome. I hope you find this site helpful along your journeys.
  7. by   nursekatie22
    You're almost there!!
  8. by   nurseybertie
    Hi Ama, Nursekatie22, jnette and Tweety!

    Thanks for all your kind words! it's so nice to have the support this site encourages!

    Happy New Year!

  9. by   traumaRUs
    HI and welcome to both of you. Hope you find this site as wonderful as I do.
  10. by   nursegirl82
    Hi ama naana,

    All I can tell you is that when you leave nursing sckool, work on a medsurge floor a year, then go to a specialty such as ICU, CCU or L&D, because I have been a nurse for 41/2 years and been a medsurge nurse for the majority of the time and if I could've done it differently, I would've specialize in something.
  11. by   CHATSDALE
    OP was in december of 2006 -