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  1. Hi, i have been a CNA for 10 yrs,and enough is enough !!i am ready to move on after neck surgery (lifting)and i am thinking about becoming an RN..what does it involve? i mean,i have worked with alot of nurses in hospitals and i know what they do,im wondering how hard class is,and if its hard...i cant wait to meet you all from can also pm me.
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    Welcome to all nurses.
  4. by   psalm will still lift as a nurse. Or get injured. As I type this I am hurting from a hip injury (no fracture) from Oct. 2003 when a patient fell on me and we went to the floor. She was on the toilet. I had another RN with me helping her to and from the toilet. My injury flares up now and then., choose nursing only if it is a passion of yours or you will be doing a job that doesn't involve pt. care.