New Excelsior/College Network student-HELP!

  1. I am an LPN w/1.5 yrs experience in Pediatrics and Neuro the last 4 months. I am also an IBCLC. I enrolled thru College Network in Jan 06 to upgrade to RN. Have passed 2 exams, ready to take 3rd. Wanted to know of all helpful websites/study groups to prepare for future exams. Any advise to a new distance learner? And did I make a mistake going thru College Network? Excelsior makes me feel like a leper!
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  3. by   EricJRN

    Welcome to the site! Our Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum is a great place to get helpful advice on completing the Excelsior College ADN programs. Check it out here:

    (By the way, in regard to The College Network - what works for some does not work for others. I'm a fan of going straight through EC without any publishing companies, but not everyone has success that way.)
  4. by   Tweety

    My partner used College Network to get a Masters. Good luck!
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    We're glad you joined!