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  1. Calling all entrepreneural nurses!! Hi I am new to this site. Would love to hear from all of you who are on their journey into the final frontier of nursing.... autonomy!!

    After many years as an RN working for someone else (not necessarily an evil thing) I will be venturing out into Aesthetic practice. Would love to hear from those of you who are both RNs and Aestheticians.

    Imagination is more important than knowledge. -- Albert Einstein

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  3. by   periwinkles
    Hi, I posted on the az forum to see if there were any other nurses working as RN Estheticians or wanting to. I don't think anyone ever responded.

    I am an RN, worked past 20 years critical care, industrial nursing, dermatology, office nurse, home care, telephone triage(wrecked my arms at computer work, do not recommend it) and the list goes on. But I trained and got my Esthetician's license and was planning on going into that field.
    Seems like there are alot of choices when it comes to different settings to work in. But like anything else, probably have to do some grunt work first.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good luck in all that you do. Welcome!