New CNA student

  1. Hello All,
    I was searching for my text online and stumbbled onto this wonderful site.
    I have read through some of the postings and I am glad to have found this forum, to answer all my questions as I begin a new phase in my life.
    Congrats to all who have sailed through.

    Does any one have any hand me down text book to sell the Mosby's texbook for Nursing assistants 6th edition to be precise?
    Please mail me and let's see how much it cost. The cheapest I have seen - used one though, is $22. I live in NC.
    Thanks, and you all have a wonderful and fulfilling career this blessed year.
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    Welcome to allnurses. Have you tried the booksellers on line like amazon and bdaltons? I have found used books there for my daughters college courses. The used books are usually much less, and often new books are less also. Watch for shipping costs though. You will pay through the main site so it has been pretty safe in my experience, good luck.