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  1. I want to make so i'm not wasting time in school, I'm in school for CMA, now I found after I started school. I'm not going not going to be a nurse,just an CMA. My concern is I don't want to be limmited on money,so should I stay were I'm at or go to another school to get my nurse degree. Please help me out I'm new to this industry and I really love it.
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  3. by   kerrkerrGaGirl
    Hi, Rgear. I am a grad of an MA diploma course and work for an ENT doc (back office). I plan to start an ADN program next fall. I don't think I wasted my time going to school for my MA diploma because it gives you a pretty solid medical background that (I hope) will be useful when I go back to school. That being said, I wouldn't be content and feel like I could advance the way I want to with an MA diploma. It's a decent living, but you really can't move up like you can in nursing. I decided to do that instead of nursing because at the time (I was 20) I knew I couldn't commit myself to something as rigorous (spelling) as nursing school. Believe me, I know what those girls/guys go through. I wouldn't throw away any of my education for anything, because I think it has helped me to understand the concepts and basics of the medical world. I know I wouldn't feel complete if I didn't go back and get my ADN, though. Maybe if you're like I was when I first started school (zero experience in the medical field) doing your MA first would help to lay the foundation. But if you know for sure that nursing is what you want, I say skip MA school and go straight for nursing. Personally, I don't feel that any education is a waste of time.