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  1. Hi! Used to be Sharonrn2b, but since I've been an RN for almost 2 years, I decided to change my username. I work as a cardiac rn in Augusta, GA at the Medical College of Ga, but I live across the Savannah River in North Augusta, SC. Augusta is mainly known for the Master's Golf tournament held in Augusta every spring. It's not bad commute ( about 10 minutes). I recieved my BS in Biology from Shorter College in Rome, GA back in 95. Came home thinking I could get a job using my degree. Hah! Everybody wanted experience, but I really didn't have any. So I ended up working three years as a clerical temp at various jobs, met my hubby at one job, got married and then got a job working at a dialysis clinic as a unit secretary/inventory clerk/lab tech. I had thought about nursing school after graduating from Shorter, but I didn't think I could handle what I called the "ick factor" . After working in dialysis for three years, I got over that and started taking some pre-req for nursing school. After dialysis, I went to work at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) as an administrative secretary at the Sports Medicine clinic for 3 years, then a unit clerk in the ICU, then after graduation as a RN in ICU. Then last year I went to work on the cardiac floor, just to give myself a change of pace. My future plans include my BSN and obtaining my CCRN. Home life consists of me, my hubby, and one very spoiled cat. I also enjoy hiking, listening to most types of music, cats, and learning new things whenever I can. I look forward to hearing back from ya'll. Especially anyone from around here in my area!

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    Thanks for coming back and re-introducing yourself. Welcome back!