New and saying hello!

  1. Hello,

    I have been reading this board for a little while now and everything is really interesting to read and everyone seems very nice and extremely supportive (well...almost everyone).
    I just wanted to intrdocue myself and say hello to everyone.

    I am just starting my pre-reqs this summer, but I am so excited to begin my journey towards becoming a nurse.
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    welcome to the board!
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    Thank you guys so much for the welcome!
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    Welcome to allnurses, and good luck! What are you going to be taking this summer?
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    Quote from manna
    Welcome to allnurses, and good luck! What are you going to be taking this summer?
    I am going to be taking my English class to get it out of the way early. They changed the requirements at my school to be able to apply for the nursing program. You now have to have your enlish completed. Before you only had to have scored enough on your placement test to be placed into that class but you didn't actually have to complete the class before applying.

    I am working full time right now while I am doing my pre-reqs, so I won't be able to take too many classes at one time.
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    Welcome. Nice to meet you!
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    Quote from 3rdShiftGuy
    Welcome. Nice to meet you!
    Nice to meet you..I just joined this today to ask a question....I really can't find how to post it so I think i will ask you and see if i get a reply...This is about nursing documentation..When your away from the unit and something happens to your patient and the other nurse took care of the situation who was on the floor...She tells you what happens and you say to the other nurse you probably should write the note, but she says no you write it for I did.....I put her name in the nursing note and her title then she said to me you are never suppose to put a name in the chart of any employee.....I told her she was wrong.....You are suppose to cover your we all learned...If i put down RN, LPN, Unit manager if a lawsuit came up about it it could be any RN or LPN....ect.....

    What do you think on this matter....I know you aren't suppose to put in a patient's name in the chart if another patient was doing something to the other patient...but i always learned for staff and you are writing your note and you weren't put the name down in the chart and their title..

    I hope to get a reply from you......My email address is

    thank you..

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    anyone know of any nursing schools in the boston area that are two year? i am in desperate need of finding one. you can reach me at
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    Welcome to all of you newbies! You might want to post your questions on the general nursing discussion forum or the massachusettes forum to get more answers. If you put a descriptive title on it then people will know just what you are looking for!