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  1. My name is Neomi and I just started looking into becoming an RN. Of all the colleges I've looked into they have told me to go with either A.S. in Allied Health Science or a Bachelor's in Health Science and right now all I can do is online. My question is if I wanted to become an RN how would I do so after getting my degree? I live in Sparks, NV so if you know of any good programs please let me know!
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  3. by   keithm1012
    Those schools may not be telling you the right information. It depends how much education you desire for Nursing.

    There is the ADN which is an Associates Degree in Nursing, this requires you to complete your GE courses, as well as the major sciences: Microbiology, Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology. And also note this requires: a good GPA like 3.5.

    For a BSN which is a Bachelors, you need the courses listed above just for the Nursing program, unless you are already attending at the University-level, you don't need GE courses since they should be completed within the first 2 years. And this is a 3 year program for the BSN.

    As far as online education, I do not recommend it at ALL! it is very stressful, for nursing, it should be impossible, because it is all hands-on! Hope this helps! And good luck with pursuing your RN!
  4. by   caliotter3
    You might want to check out the student forums here.
  5. by   GitanoRN
    welcome to the cite, regarding your question as it has been stated previously that you have two choices the adn or the bsn program. needless to say, it depends on your financial situation and if you can commit to a 2yr. or a 4 yr. program, having said that, if you decide to go the shorter route you can always do the bridge program later on and get your bsn. in addition, don't forget to checkout our student forum, and besides that check with your local board of nursing (bon) they would certainly have some suggestions on nursing programs in your area. whatever the case, i would like to wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors and a bless weekend...aloha~
  6. by   Ashke
    Hello and welcome!
    I'm in Canada, so I probably wouldn't have the most applicable advice for you. Up here, I believe only bachelors degrees exist for nursing as one can only become a registered nurse if they have a degree (unless you were already a nurse at the time this rule came into effect, on which case I believe there are other provisions). The degree will take 4 years to obtain. Those who already have a degree in another field but would like to get a second bachelors degree in nursing can take an accelerated 2 year program to get the degree. I would second the recommendation to take a program that has a significant amount of hands-on training.

    All the best in your journey.

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