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  1. my name is kelly, an lpn in pa. i'm 35 & divorced with 2 daughters (16 & 12) but am getting married in 3 days (may 19th, 2007)- ahhhhhh!!!!:spin: i graduated on december 18th, 2006, had a kidney transplant on december 19th, 2006, passed boards on february 22nd, 2007, started a job on may 8th, 2007 and am now getting married on may 19th, 2007!!!!!!!!!! :uhoh21: think i have enough on my plate at the moment? maybe it'll slow down a little next week. maybe?

    i just wanted to give you all a little run-down on myself and i am going to be here quite a lot i think since i'm a brand new nurse. i've never worked in the nursing field before now so i'm going to need a lot of advice and support. don't hesitate to im me if you see me on aim. my screen name is: kellwpa

    talk to you all sometime,

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    hello and to allnurses!!!!
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    Congrats Kelly on everything. Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Welcome to All Nurses!