1. hi everyone i am new on here yay hopefully i will get some good information before i start my schooling in sept. i will be going for rn straight foward. so if there is ant tips or advise you would like to give i would love to listen! and if you know of any pre study guide websites to help get me prepared i would love to know them. thanks and much love jessica
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  3. by   donsterRN
    Hi Jessica, and Welcome to All Nurses!

    One of the most important things in being successful in nursing school is to stay on top of your studies. That means READ. Everything. Know your syllabus, so you'll know what material will be covered, and prepare for it by reading the material beforehand. That way, you can listen, really listen, to the lecture because you'll have a familiarity with the material. Take notes, and read it again. Nursing school is demanding of your time because there is so much information. Being able to stay on top of it, I think, is key to your success. Reading nursing journals, like Nursing 2007 and RN, can help you to become familiar with patient care topics and issues in the workplace; you should be able to find current issues at your library. Plus, student subscriptions tend to be less expensive than regular ones.

    This link will take you to the nursing student forums on All Nurses. Here, you'll meet lots of people who are currently studying nursing and can help you find your way through all of it! Congratulations on your decision to study nursing. Much luck and success to you!
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    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!