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Hello All, I am new to the site and I am a pre-nursing student. Nursing has been my life long dream, however, I started accounting many years ago and did not have the courage to pursue my real... Read More

  1. by   akcarmean
    welcome to allnurses and good luck you can do it
  2. by   dreamjob103

    At 40, i have decided to try and achieve my be a nurse. But, since I have a masters - i'll have to get my pre-requisites. Considering a distance learning program for pre-req. We are in Toronto - canada and does anybody have nay insights on whats the best way forward?

    i need all the inputsI can get .... it like an ocean ahead and I dont know how or where to start..... only the goal is visible to me.

    Time and tide wait for nobody ...
    Thank you
  3. by   degraypoole
    i am not sure if you read threads to your original 2005 posting anymore, but i am new to this site and have something to add.

    i am from a third world country, and never had the opportunity to go to nursing school, much as i wanted to. my country only had one university, 200 miles away. i got into the travel industry in lieu, and stuck with it for 32 years. by 2001 i was burned out, coupled with the twin towers event involving commercial carriers, and the unfortunate position of working for an infamous tv evangelist, as his personal travel consultant. i reached a melt down point. i had to abort my life long career. i didn't know what to do next. i was 50, too young to retire, and too old to start over. then after much deliberation, i recalled my natural attraction to caring for the elderly. i had been this way since i was 4. i put the two together, my yearning to be a nurse and my affinity for seniors. out of this a new career was born, that of a geriatric care giver. with gusto i embarked on this new career path and got my cna certification. i knew i wouldn't be satisfied just with this credential, as i still had my sights set on being a nurse.

    5 years of experience later, i had the good fortune of landing an assignment as a 24/7 live-in caregiver. (see my story "cna rags to cna riches" under forums section.) the client was so impressed with the level of care i afforded him that he paid $18,500.00 for me to get my lvn degree. what an honor. he was absolutely insistent i do it, as he saw so much potential in me, where i saw none, because of my age and because i didn't think i was smart enough. well now i have no choice. this opportunity is like manna from heaven. as a cna i have eared $6.00 p/h to $25.00 p/h. never again!

    if i can get through the lvn program i know that i will never have to look back. i will have the career i have always had a calling to, i will make a huge difference in the lives of seniors that are going to be put in my pathway, and i will make a good living.

    my client's gift of the opportunity to be all i can be is a gift from god because he has very important work cut out for me, albeit i'll be 58 by the time it is all said and done. in the big scheme of things does it really make a difference? if anything maturity gives you tools you can not learn from books, and can best be put to invaluable use as a nurse. he has plans for you the reader too. if you have the it!
  4. by   Proud 2b Me
    I am 47 and I will graduate from an ADN program May 29th. It had been my life long dream to be an RN and I did it!!!! after high school I was so happy just to be earning a pay check nursing got push to the side. I became a single parent, got involoved in a series of bad relationships ect. I went back to school and got my L.V.N at 37 and worked as an L.V.N for 10 years first and finally went back for my RN at 45. First thing I did was to minimize my expenses paying off all my bills EVERYTHING leaving me with just utilities, medical,phone, car insurance, rent and a teen aged son who thinks money grows on trees. I stopped dating and saved some money. Then it was full speed ahead. I have managed to pay my own way thru school while working 2 days a week 12 hour shifts and using my savings to pay for books, and fees and leisure activities and to offset living expenses. Whenever anybody got me a gift I got gift cards to the book store and ordered nursing reference books. I still can't believe I did it. Yes, It has been a lot of work 2 more final exams and one ATI and I am done!!! I am proof that it can be done. I have always done exceptionally well with money management, this has helped me a lot. I did a lot a of praying and studied everyday no less than 5 a day.
  5. by   NewbieToNursing
    Hello to all.... I just discovered this wonderful website last night and am VERY excited about reading all the great info on it!!! I decided about 3 years ago to fulfull my dream of becoming a nurse. I JUST graduated last friday ( May 2) with an assoc. degree..... and I will be turning 43 next month. It is NEVER too late to get a degree. I will admit that it was difficult at times because I was raising teenagers AND working full time!!! I am preparing for the NCLEX.... does anyone have any good advice for preparation???? I'm planning on taking it next month. I've already accepted a job working on a post op open heart unit. I'm very excited!!!! I did my last semester clinical AND my practicum on that floor so I am familiar with the unit. Good luck to anyone who decides to fulfull their dream and go to school later in life like I did.... better late than never!!!!!!
  6. by   Bobylon
    Quote from Lifedream
    I firmly believe we are never too old to learn and dreams only die when we do. I would love to hear from other students who are back in school later in life.

    Hey, lifedream ......I'm yet another old new student ..... turned 50 in February, started LPN school April far, so good, and looking fwd to the challenges ahead
  7. by   Becky8
    Hi everyone! I start my nursing clinicals Sept 4th so that means I will be 50 when I graduate in May 2010 as an RN...........Good luck to all of us trying something new in our lives!
    God Bless and enjoy the ride!
  8. by   Proud 2b Me
    pratice as many NCLEX questions as you can, priortization type questions, Kaplan teaches you how to answer the questions they have a test taking book there is a kaplan book with a CD its very inexpensive. not too much time on content. If you have any CD's partice taking as many as 150 questions each day- not at one time maybe 50 at a time and work your way up. I passed after just 75 questions and when I left the test center I was sure I'd failed focus one answering the higher level questions on so much the math. here is a lot of critical thinking and remembr you wil answer 50% of the questions incorrectly one book that helped me was Priortization, delegation assignment $24.00 (Linda A LaCharity Candice K Kumagai, Barbars Bartz) I had many!!! Pratice as many questions as you can read the answers and the rational if you get a question wrong. Good luck!!!!!!!
  9. by   MamaDukes
    Hi there,

    I am new to this website. I am 39 and a pre-nursing student. I love school so much more this time around!!! Congrats to all of us for pursuing our dreams!!!
  10. by   cjcsoon2bnp

    Hey lifedream, let me first say congratulations on taking the steps to achieve your dream, most people don't have the courage to do that.

    Welcome to AllNurses.Com! We're a really active forum with a lot of friendly, helpful members and a great group of staff. We have a ton of students, new nurses, experienced nurses and educators who are all really passionate about nursing (so your in good company.) If you need any help or advice then you have come to the right place! We have forums for nursing students and second career nurses that you should check out as well as forums for every discipline of nursing that you can think of, so you should take a look at them and be sure to ask plenty of questions. Once again, Welcome and good luck!

  11. by   Ocelot
    It is never too late to see your dream come true!! AND never too old either...what exciting (and stressful ) times ahead!!
  12. by   denise0815
    Welcome to allnurses...this site is full of encouraging words when you need them.
    I also decided to go back to school at the age of 38. I am starting my pre-req this fall, and I am nervous, but I need to give it a shot. It has taken me a long time to get up the courage and go for it, but I do not want to look back and say "I should of".......
    I really believe if it is in your heart you can do it! Good luck to you!!!
  13. by   simple500
    I am 45. Last Year I graduated from Technical School as a CMA. My goal is to eventually go back to school to become a LPN. About 2 years ago, I was going to school for a LPN but for some unfortunate reason I was released from my class; not because of grades, but because of clinicals. I was upset as first, but I didn't let that stop me. I went right back to school and graduated an Honor student in my class. Never give up on your dreams! No matter how old you are!:heartbeat