Never Ending Story!

  1. Hi all you dear fellow nurses!! I have been in this profession for 33 yrs and am currently a travel nurse as I felt at least I would be able to see light at the end of the 13 wk tunnel! AND I am desperately searching for a hospital where nurses are supported by their administration and allowed to do, what all nurses want to do...give good pt. care. Alas, I haven't found that yet and have gone from one nightmare into another! 13-14 hrs. without a break or lunch, going to my pt's at the end of the shift, almost in tears apologizing for the lack of nursing care. This is an example of how much nurses are valued: National Nurse's Week right? We're 2 nurses on an extremely busy stepdown unit, the mgr says the hosp. is giving ice cream bars to celebrate nurses week but you can't have one because you're a traveller! Now it's not the $1 ice cream bar that is the point, it's the feeling of not being cared about. And I hadn't even had time for a drink of water! Unfortunately, healthcare is all about the mighty dollar these days! but $1???? There MUST be some good hospitals out there. Does anyone know of any? If so, please email me. I truly love nursing or I wouldn't have stayed in it this long but I, like you, feel so dismayed at the rapid rate the hosp. administrations are killing us off!! We're only human and what we're being asked to do is humanly impossible. Bravo to all of you who have the guts to speak up. hopefully we can make a difference. A Weary Old Timer!! D.
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    [QUOTE=dkbhu49] This is an example of how much nurses are valued: National Nurse's Week right? QUOTE]

    No ICE CREAM? Hey, I've been a traveler AND also did local agency work, and I was ALWAYS greeted with a sigh of relief and gratitude. sure, some individual nurses were ... uh... snidely at times. But the facilities themselves were ok.

    So, HAPPY NURSES Day and a virtual ice cream bar or two for YOU, YOU deserve it TOO!
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    Welcome to allnurses, and happy nurses week to you!