Need To Interview A Neonatal Nurse!!!

  1. Hi my name is Sarah Smith, I'm looking to interview a neonatal nurse or RN nurse would be ok too. I have this project that is due on the 18th of May for my nursing class and need to get this interview done a.s.a.p. so I can get started and get the information that I need. Here are the questions that you will need to answer: 1) Name and title of nurse 2) telephone number or email address so I can reach you if I have questions 3) Education and special training 4) Number of years you've been working on the job 5) what are your responsiblities and duties? 6) Why did you choose nursing as a career? 7) Why did you choose this specific position/speciality? 8) What are the most rewarding parts of this job? 9) What are the disadvantages of the job? 10) What is the most significant or memorable event while in this position? 11) What do you wish you had known about nursing before you became a nurse? 12)How do you keep abreast of new information and skill concerning your job or nursing issues? 13) what advice would you give someone considering this nursing job as a career? 14) Any other comments about this nursing role?
    If you could please email this to I would appreciate it thanks.
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